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And, er, ncompletely unrelated news, turns out this stupid spyware program called Mirar infected my usual computer, so I tried to get rid of it, but now my computer won't turn on (it pauses at the Windows 98 screen thinger). So, I don't know how long that'll last, but, uh, it could be a while.

I really dislike spyware. Plus this Mirar thing is SO INCREDIBLY annoying. It pretends to be a pop-up blocker and installs itself without asking you, then it won't let you delete it and you have to go through this stupid backdoor, and it actually launches pop-ups instead of blocking them. Not that I need a pop-up blocker in the first place, since I have google toolbar.

Also, I have a really dry throat and drinking stuff doesn't help it. That's what I get for teasing Cameron about his dry throat!

Le siiiigh.
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