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Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody...

Do any of you have any cures to help overcome emotional drain/apathy?

Because seriously. It is sooooo boring. And it makes it really hard for me to concentrate on stuff.

Plus when I'm like this I can't rant on and on to you all philosophically about my day or anything. Or make graphic-type deals. Or... do pretty much anything.

Pleeeeease help moi?

wise (5%) Daiz
spontaneous (5%) Possibly
self-conscious (5%) Alto
religious (5%) Alto
relaxed (5%) Dominic Blackburn
powerful (5%) Kiyo
observant (5%) Rii
organised (5%) Kiyo
mature (5%) Dominic Blackburn
idealistic (5%) Jamizoid
brave (5%) Jaxipoo
dependable (11%) Kat, BWAHAHAHAHA!
helpful (11%) Kat, Dominic Blackburn
complex (11%) Rii, Molly D
able (17%) Daiz, md, Molly D
warm (17%) Dominic Blackburn, Possibly, Molly D
trustworthy (17%) Kat, Daiz, Mollie!
bold (17%) silly ali its just jessica, o u kno, Jaxipoo
giving (23%) Kat, Dominic Blackburn, BWAHAHAHAHA!, Jaxipoo
happy (23%) silly ali its just jessica, Dominic Blackburn, Heppy, o u kno
intelligent (23%) Alto, Jamizoid, WAHAHAHAHA!, Vlad
caring (29%)
energetic (29%)
witty (29%)
cheerful (35%)
clever (35%)
kind (41%)
friendly (52%)
silly (58%)

finish later.
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