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Life is strange.

I was told by a highly admirable peer of mind that they do not respect to me. It is possible that this was not said in all seriousness, considering this peer has a very long record of dry humour. It is also possible that this peer was just being honest. I do not know this peer well enough to tell.

It is more than likely the latter, considering, I always had a feeling this peer didn't like me. Even if this peer does not respect me, I consider this peer one of the most respectable peers in my age group. This peer is intelligent, creative and apparently friendly to some people who aren't me.

I started out my day with this peer telling me that they did not respect me. I ended my day with Sawyer telling Kate she tastes like strawberries.

That is the life I live.

Don't get me wrong, today was overall a pretty good day. Pre-Calc was fun for once -- the stuff we were doing wasn't as boring and more interesting since it was like investigating and good ol' synthetic division or quadratic formula crap which are great friends of mine. I accidentally got a bonus ten mil in Spanish because I can't count even in english. I also got a much higher grade on a recent preterito review test than I thought I did. And then after school I miscalculated my last bit of money I had that was supposed to be used for tomorrow's lunch and used it on a Mocha-Frappacino and a slice of lemon pound cake from starbucks, which can be described as nothing less than orgasmic (if you'll pardon my bluntness). I then participated in work call and gained like a thousand exp points and two thousand gp points with Miller since I basically chatted everyone up all smart-like BUTALSO got lots of things done and stuff. True, I did misinterpret what electrical tape meant. But hey, I'm really just learning these things now. I like to pretend that I helped with work calls for previous shows, but seriously, I did casi NADA. Plus that was very fun, as work calls tend to be (or really just anything that has to do with Wilson's drama dept. aside from Woody whom I still have not met and have only heard about through other people's conversations which makes me feel questionable). Also, a different peer whom I hold in extremely high esteem contributed to my 'iffy' (if you will) feelings on my respectability by being this peer's normal anti-reality humour and also by having very shiny hair that I wanted to pet. The day returned to being better than the average when Mother picked me up and I was overjoyed to find that one, she had picked up two of the books that I had put on hold at the library, two, later on she gave me $20 for 'possible Subway expenses' over the weekend that she's going to be gone, meaning that I can use some of it on lunch tomorrow and not starve, and three, Stephen Colbert's episode, 'A Tribute to the American Lady', was absolutely brilliant and undoubtedly best Colbert Report episode yet in my opinion. SO CUTE. SO GREAT. SO UWAHABLE.

Y luego, nos vemos what's going to happen tomorrow. Will Mr. Mateo make me feel like crap, casi he always does? Will Ms. Feller changer her mind and have the homework be due tomorrow again? I hope not. Because I am really enjoying this Whose Line episode I've seen casi nueve veces. It's such a friendly thing to watch a rerun of an episode and know exactly what everyone's going to say next.

I mentioned LOST earlier, and oh my Lord, this episode was fantastic in my opinion. Best part? Jack getting to watch baseball. And the look in his eyes. The scene was set perfectly. So believable. I felt this swelling love for the fact that I am not currently captured by scary people and can snuggle under my blanket at night and know I'm home. Plus Sun and Jin were super cute at the end there. Aaaand it's cool that I can understand a bit of what they're saying in Japanese! It's mostly stuff like 'anata' and all that jazz, but I like listening for suffixes and the dealios.

Sorry if any of you out there are like rabid LOST fans and you haven't seen it yet and you're like omgwtfspoileralertplz but seriously, now that LOST is airing in a regular schedule, who doesn't watch it when it's on?

Must go to bed. But I will drink like a liter of water first. Is it just me, or does the air seem super dry?

PS. I think I have like four testimonials so far, and I could sorta use some more if at all possible. I know you guys have at least a little bit to say about me! Even if it's "I don't know what to say..." XD. Thanks to those who've contributed. Me alegre.
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