August 7th, 2002



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"Ali is a crazy cool person who is insanely good at brightening people's day and sharing a laugh. She's a supa great actor like Johnny Depp with extra mad skills at swimming. Plus, she absolutely dominates history class discussions because she's smart like that."
--Christine (luv10s4life)

"Ali = win. Very much win. So much win that, if you filled the world with the large amount of win-ness, the world would explode and we'd all have to move to Jupiter.
She's smart, amusing, and hella good at icon making. And worthy of general bow-down-ness.
And, due to my eyes deceiving me, she now gets her own day. Yes, October 24th is now Ali day due to me misreading what was put on my calendar as 'Ali Fritz.'"
--Marie (kitoshi)

"You're pretty much my sister. We have the best conversations, ever.
There is much laughing involved."
--Maxwell (ducknamedpumba)

"Ali is fabulous. She can do anything, and she'll do it in style!
She's wonderful in every way, and such a sweetie too! I loves youuuu my twiiiiiiiin!
I'm proud to share my birthday with her, extremely proud. I hope we do keep in touch for as long as possible, because if she wasn't in my life, I'd be incredibly upset. She's one of those lights of life, she's exciting and bubbly. And fantastic. :)"
--Daiz (daisyneko90)

"Ali is Ali.
I've looked up to Ali since the first moment that I saw her. Everyone around us loved her, and soon I loved her, too! Ali is adorably silly and a great person to be around, especially when you're feeling down. ♥ She really makes you feel special."
--Kat (lifty)

Easy to talk to.
Great friend, and fellow VxM shipper. :D"
--LT (vargrimar)

"Alibear is puts the AWE is AWESOME (ha, I just made that up). No, but seriously, if I knew her in real life she'd probably be my best friend or something because she's super sweet and just the greatest. Ever. I wuv her. ♥"
--Jaxipoo (jaxadora)