May 8th, 2004



I think I just realized why I like books so much.

They make me think.

When I think, I realize things I wouldn’t normally realize, hadn’t I been thinking.

What a surprise, right?

Anyway. Guess what graphic novel they had at the library today?


My heart did backflips with joy.

They had a lot of stuff they don’t usually have. New books. I guess I caught them at a
good time. Or maybe it’s because I finally figured out there’s this one section I hadn’t
noticed yet or something, whatever, the point is, I have good books now. Yay!

The book I just read, Wasteland, however, is incredibly depressing. But it does give light
to a few things, like poetry. I am now attempting to get back into poetry. Wrote a little
tidbit about Nerkmids this morning, which turned out horrible, I really need to get back in
the habit. Oh well, I’ll write something else again tomorrow. That’ll probably be better,
since I’ve now been enlightened by some bookery. Maybe I can write a better song, too.
Tomorrow Will Come really sucked. A lot. Like, insane amounts of sucking action. It is
utterly mindblowing how sucky Tomorrow Will Come turned out to be. I writhe in the the
suckiness of it.

Um. What else? Oh, yeah. I’m gonna do a lot of homework tomorrow, should be fun.

And I really want to have a dream tonight and remember it. I miss remembering my
dreams when I wake up. I think that only happens when I’m really depressed, though.
Remembering my dreams, I mean. I guess it’s my form of lack of sleep. Whaaatever. I still
say I wish I could remember more of them.

Traaalala. I think I’m gonna to read in bed. Wait, no. I’m gonna go take a scalding shower
so hot that I still emit steam an hour afterwards, then I’m going to read in bed.

Haha, steam will be rising from the covers. That’s funny.

Yeah, well, there you go.