August 11th, 2004


"I told him we could move on. And we did. We forgot about each other, and remembered ourselves."

I had the strangest series of dreams last night, I swear.

I can only remember two of them, though.

The first one I remember, was about me running away. Running away to, cough, Matt? And here we are.

I remember, I had all of my things packed, no one was home, and I was trying to find out how to take the bus to the closest hotel to Matt's house. I was about to ask Matt how far away the nearest hotel was from his house, when he said something like "Why don't I just teleport you here, then teleport you back? We only need to be together for a couple hours. I just want to see you!" Except.... less.... sappy... and more.... Matty. I was like, "WTF? Matt? Teleport? Are you kidding? You're insane." But. Well. He teleported me. x3 IT WAS SO COOL. I wish someone would invent a teleporting device, because being teleported feels AWESOME. I don't know how to describe the feeling... but... it's mindblowing.

Apparently, Matt has shrubbery. N'stuff. All I remember about the outside of Matt's house was that it was very green. That's where he teleported me. He was sitting on something (Can't remember what), laptop in hand, staring at me, when I turned around.

Okay. Nyes. There was this whole... dramatic music... movie... hugging thing that ensued... yeah....

Then he and I talked and laughed for about three hours until it turned really, really dark. We didn't notice what time it was, but his mother (I think it was his mother?) did. She came outside, and said something like "Matt? What're you doing out here? Come back inside, it's late!" And he and I both freaked out.

We found his laptop. Which had. RUN OUT OF BATTERIES. Dun dun dunnnn.

The dream ended with us simultaneously swearing very, very loudly.

I'd like to point out that this dream had no romantic air to it whatsoever, except for possibly the occasional giggle on my part. But hey, I giggle, so maim me.

Right. Second dream? All I remember about it is it was really sappy, and at the very end some voice in my head said "I told him we could move on. And we did. We forgot about each other, and remembered ourselves."

Which made me wake up. Because. It was. Ergh. o_x; Yes.

Well, there you go.

Oh, and I was more teary than usual last night before I went to sleep, don't know why. I'll remind you, dear friends, the tears I shed before I sleep are not sad nor happy, they're just... wet. Yep.

One more thing, I feel intelligent again! Which is GREAT! I haven't felt intelligent in AGES. I feel like I can THINK again!!! ^___^ It's. So. COOL.

Thank you for your time.
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