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27 August 2004 @ 10:21 am

Copy and paste it into your browser thing. If you didn't know to do that already.

I had it stuck in my head all last night... go figure. =D

And. Uh. I haven't listened to it for, like, a year, so the tune's.. kinda off at some points. x_<;; Blar.
Current Mood: Tired...
Current Music: You've Got a Friend in Me!
Before I go to High School registration, here's four Love Hina icons and one base -- expect many more in the near future!


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Be sure to comment and credit, please! ^__^
27 August 2004 @ 11:18 am
People keep complaining about things the rain has done. Kept them inside, ruined the blackbery harvest for the year (We may have to BUY our jam this year, HORROR OF HORRORS!), blahdeeblahdeeblah. Well, they suck.

Go away. Losers.


*hugs the rain, even though this is technically physically impossible* MINE! *pout*
27 August 2004 @ 02:01 pm
Wilson is GIGANTUAN! There're like, five floors. And. It's. Huge?

I know where all my classes are and stuff, though. And I've already memorized my locker combo.

The whole thing was kind of overwhelming, though.

And. I don't have drama. ;_; Hopefully I'll make some play, though. Preferrably the spring play, because those are always more popular...
27 August 2004 @ 06:27 pm
Dude. It's cool how. Like. Even though I feel. Like. Really warm, and. Like. Drunk? Or something? I dunno? I can still. Like. Do stuff.

Like make icons?

Dude. Have a party. Eat jello. Make out. What-ev.

Credit? Comment? Eat jello?

Give Matt a back massage?

Current Mood: Sick.
27 August 2004 @ 06:50 pm
Dad says he thinks I have a cold.

Yeah, in the middle of the summer.

So I guess it's like... a... lukewarm?

Crap. I'm gonna die. Right when things were getting good!
0o; Don't blame my taste in music. Blame this icon.

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