August 30th, 2004


;_____; I love Kat.

If I could hug her, or those mp3s, or both, I would.


I'm in heaven.
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    Trigun -- Never Could Have Been Worse


I feel like making Trigun icons again! Eeessameereecahl!

Now all I need to do is find some animated Gifs...
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    Fool's Paradise -- Trigun


One big reason why I like the Trigun soundtrack?

Wicked guitar.

Another reason?

Awesome names for the songs.

I mean, some random guy could come up and ask me what I'm listening to, and I could be like "Blue Funk"! And he'd be like, "Righteous!"

'Cept. Not?



Honestly, though. "Nerve Rack"? "Philosophy in a Teacup"? "Blood and Thunder"?

None of these names are something to be ashamed of.

"Love and Peace" maybe, but I'd never actually put that on a CD. It's just something to make me laugh. xD "Love and Peeeeeace!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!" xDDD

I'm so glad no one in the house is awake yet. I can bop my head and no one will laugh at me.

Oh, by the way, Dad went to Burning Man a quarter of an hour ago. Yep. He goes every year.

If you don't know what Burning Man is, look it up.

He's definitely not your steriotypical psychiatrist father.
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(no subject)

Another thing about the Trigun soundtrack is that it always seems to keep me calm. I used to search and search and search my CD's for just ONE Trigun song to cool me down.

Look at me. I'm cooled. =D
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(no subject)

Sadly, Mom says today isn't a good day for the Lloyd Center.

Tomorrow is a possibility, however.

I'll just have to bide my time. Watch some Pokemon, play some Pokemon, smell some Poke--

I didn't say that.


Whenever I feel afraid, I hold my head erect, and whistle a happy tune, so no one will suspect I'm afraid...

The result of this deception is very strange to tell! For when I fool the people I fear, I fool myself as well!
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    The Lowdown -- Trigun, of course.

Blood and Thunder

This song is so awesome. I'm serious.

It's. Really. Good?

Very soundtrack-y, though. But still. I mean. If you want a soundtrack for my life, the Trigun soundtrack is it. I can pick a certain element of my life for each song I have on my computer(ThankstoKatagain!) and it'll fit perfectly.

Here's what I mean.

Colorless Sky -- Alvord Trips, Unbearingly Hot Days, Boredom
Nerve Rack -- Wilson Football Games
Not an Angel -- 7th-8th Grade
Philosophy In A Teacup -- Synchronized Swimming
Gunpowder Tea -- 6th Grade & Under
The Lowdown -- This Summer
Unhappy Song -- Hyperactivity
Blood And Thunder -- Any Good Stuff, Period. Specifically The Disneyland/Las Vegas/San Diego/Mexico/Reno(Not In That Order) Trip, Portland Fire Games, Trips Home From Downtown, Trips To The Lloyd Center, That One Time I Slightly Met Sarah In Real Life, etc., etc.
Fool's Paradise -- Last Summer
Blue Funk -- Summer Before 7th Grade, Trips Anywhere With Mom, Anything Dealing With Anything At All (My Basic Mood Swing Chart!)
Perfect Night -- Anger, Paranoia, Angst-Related Feelings
Permanent Vacation -- Out Anywhere At Night, Eating, Drinking Diet Cherry Coke, Walks To The Library, Boys In General
Cynical Punk -- Maxwell
Knives -- Acting
Scattered Rain -- Scattered Rain, Trying To Get Over Something, Apathy?
Stories To Tell -- Nature, Peace, Serenity
Opening Theme -- Anything Freaking Awesome. xD

o0; Well. There you have it. I'magoplays'more Pokemon Yellow now and wait for my laundry to get done.
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I never thought I'd say this, but...

Cleaning my room actually feels pretty good. It's nice to really accomplish something for a change.

Slowly, but surely.

Very... very... slowly. But surely!

It's got to be done before next Wednesday, or it'll be my head!

That, or Mom'll be very disappointed in me.

Let's just go with the head thing.
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(no subject)

I should start cooking again...

I'll bake a cake on... Saturday? Sunday?

Everyone loves my cakes.

Even me.

Geh, I want to go to the Lloyd Center... it's been too long since my last Pina Coloda from Orange Julius. And, in case you missed it, apparently we have a Suncoast there! Somewhere! I'll be sure to find it. I'm good at finding things.


At least...

Most of the time.

So, how is everyone today?


The same?

Well, that's normal.

=D L2K! ((Ask me what L2K is. x3))
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