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31 August 2004 @ 07:20 pm
I watched The Princess Diaries 2 today. It's a pretty good movie, to tell you the truth. For a G-rated. They played the G rating really well -- There wasn't anything bad, but you could sense a lot of passion between Mia and Nicholas (and there was a bunch of older humor children wouldn't understand). Nicholas is a hunksicle. Too bad Chris Pine is ten years older than me...

Hey, I could catch him one day. My Great Grandfather was twelve years older than -his- wife... and obviously, these things happen all the time, nowadays.

He's a really good actor, too. Convincing. Unlike... that... other guy. Yeah.

It's probably just my darkhairblueeyesoopsacrushattack again. But dang, is that man fine.

His eyes are so pretty. ;_;

Okay. Priorities straightened. Chris Pine forgotten. I'll shut up now. =D

And hey, it's not my fault I appreciate the beauty of the male half of the human race. I blame my parents. ... And my parents' parents... and... my parents' parents... etc.... etc.

I'm so totally buying The PD2 DVD when it comes out.
Current Mood: Good.
Current Music: Scattered Rain -- Trigun
31 August 2004 @ 09:42 pm
I don't understand
This should be so easy.
To just reach out my hand,
And know the world is real.

But nothing's as it seems,
And I can tell you freely,
Touching's not the only way to feel.

When the rain falls, it's like heaven's crying,
But the name's all the difference that there is.
Because tears are, the same when they are trying,
To grow something good, out of all the pain.
There's no difference between the teardrops and the rain.

That's so totally from a Disney Channel Original movie.

But hey, it's creepy to me. So I put the lyrics here. Go figure.