September 4th, 2004



^__^ Musiiic.

Anyway. So, yesterday I had my optometrist appointment, right? I couldn't find my contacts. I freaked out. I searched, like, everywhere. Couldn't find 'em. Went upstairs to tell mom, started to cry while doing so.

The one thing that makes me cry these days is disappointing Mom. x_e; I'm such a good child.

Anyway, she said it was okay, it just went to show I hadn't been wearing them much anyway. Which is true, of course. She suggested I get soft contacts instead of hard gas permeables which was what I had been using (or, cough, not using) because they're much more comforable and easier to use. I suggested I get glasses again, as well, because I kind of missed glasses, and they'd be MUCH easier to take care of. So we looked into both.

My right eye has a horrible amount of astigmatism, four and a half, which may have something to do with why everything's tinted blue when I look out of it... my left has three and a quarter, it's my better one. In any case, that's a really high amount of astigmatism, as it is, so it'll take a while to get the right kind of soft contacts. I found some really nice glasses, though, which make me look really intelligent. I mentioned that to my mom, and she goes "But you ARE intelligent, Ali! You're Talented And Gifted!" and I was like "Ha."

I used to look like a total dork in glasses. Now I look... good. o0;

Probably the whole maturity thing. Whatever.

During the trip to and from 20/20 Eyecare, Mom and I discussed the state of my room, which had improved since the beginning of the summer, but still was in need of some major cleaning. She offered to just clean it for me, and I accepted. And DANG, is she good at it. Seriously! She's almost done, and it only took her eight hours! I asked her how she does it, and she said "You just have to know how to be really ruthless." And believe me, I understand. There are some pretty gross things in my room, let me tell you. Nothing to hide, though. Really. I removed that one thing I kind of did want to hide, though. Just one thing. Wasn't really that bad, anyway.

I have to do all the stuff with laundry, so don't think I have it easy. I have so many clothes. x_X; My closet is overwhelmed. Actually, I have two closets in my room. Right next to each other. Connected. Hard to explain. But the second one, Mom uses for storage. She said I could use it for the rest of my stuff, though. Didn't matter to her. That's gonna be hard to clean out, as well, because it's so dusty...


What else.


I'm scared for Marie. ;_; So very, very frightened. And I don't know why. She says she'll be okay, but... I'm... just.. paranoid, I guess. xx;


Going school shopping tomorrow...

Still haven't done my book report...

Shouldn't take too long, though. I have most of the pictures I need.


And all of you whom have contributed to my hug meter, I love you, I love you so much, you're all so freaking awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very very much.

For you, I'd bleed myself dry...

Dang. I need More Than A Feeling on my playlist. I really do. It's true! Look how they shine for you! Look how they shine for you! Look at how they shine.

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and all the things that you do...
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My schedule.

First period 'PE For Freshman 1', "Provost, Alicia"
Second Period 'Geometry 1', "Milne, Scott J"
Third Period 'Spanish 3', "Espinoza, Manuel M"
Fouth Period 'Global Literature 1', "Mateo, Manuel"
Fifth Period 'Biology 1', "Relampagos, Ismael"
Sixth Period 'Global Study 1', "Murphy, Patrick"
Eigth Period 'Study Hall 1', "Provost, Alicia"

All of this is full year.

No more PE after this year, though. x3 YAAAY!

I wanted Drama, but I got Biology instead. ee; You have to take two years of it in High school, and I wanted to take it later on...

It's all right, though. Apparently the Biology teacher is really funny or something.