September 15th, 2004


Jimmy, I once saw you eat a bag of hair for twenty bucks. We're going.

Still no Madeleine today.

Sat alone at gym, after the shuttle run (I got 62 point something or other for my time -- I could have done a lot better if my muscles hadn't been aching so much I could barely stand... cough.). People stared. S'all good. Went to bug Cassie, Nicole and Bernardette (I finally found out her name. What kind of name is Bernardette? I asked her if I could call her Charlotte. She said no. Oh well. She reminds me of Sarah...), shreiked a with Cassie for no apparent reason, that sort of thing. Always fun.


My voice is fun to mess with. Like a couple days ago, I get asking Jose what kind of accents and stuff I should talk in. I'm good at accents and impressions. I like doing them. I've got a very wide range of... er... voice... box... y... ness. Yeah. ... Right.

What else.

Um. Had a block day today. Good stuff. Study hall in the gym. We got to choose where we want our study halls today. Obviously, I went for Simrell. Fine/Performance Arts. Second choice was Computer Lab. Computers are cool. Then there was a general study hall. Meh. Go figure.

Hmm... Walked to Starbucks with Tashia after school, got a tall mocha frappachino... Missed the bus... waited for the next bus, drinking my tall mocha frappachino... Allen was all... staring... oddness. Probably because I'm like the only girl who talks to him. I talk to everyone. Except Bill (The large mentally insane kid?). He scares me. He scares everyone. Well. Except his friends. But I'm pretty sure even they're scared of him... Yeaaaah. So anyway, Allen was all "Ali!" and I was all "Wha?" And Allen was all "-He- said it! *Point to the guy next to him.*" And it was like so obviously Allen. ... I sound blonde now, don't I. I do. Shiz. Okay. Intelligence. Intelligence. Intelligence.

Er... well... Let's see here. I'm considering quitting Synchro. Once it starts, I have a feeling things are going to get really hectic. I'll have to start waking up at four, and STAYING up, like on the first day of school. And believe me. I need sleep. Without sleep, I'm not myself. I'm high. Not good. I start saying things I don't mean, doing things I shouldn't do. The words are usually worse than the actions, though. But still. I might not be able to get my homework done, and I'm dedinitely not quitting any of my acting things, as those will improve my career options and everything. Um... and... Block schedule again tomorrow... Geometry, Global Literature, Global Studies, Study hall... I wonder when we find out what study hall we got... tomorrow? Iono.

Okay. Gotta go feed the kittens. May update later. See ya.

... Caracas, Venezuela... Bogota, Columbia... Quito, Ecuador... Lima, Peru... La Paz, Bolivia... Ansuncion, Paraguay... Santiago, Chile... Buenos Aires, Argentina... Montevideo, Uruguay... Brazilia, Brazil!
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Madeleine! ^__^ She came over! Now she's gone! I gave her TWO, count 'em, TWO hugs! She's so cool. I love her so much. <3 She got the part she wanted in the play. Wicked awesome. Took a picture of her and my brother. It kind of sucks, but whatever. Bad lighting. Go figure.

We went over my schedule and stuff, so hopefully we'll see each other in the halls more often. And... that's about it.