September 19th, 2004


0o; Huh.

1500 hugs.

It's interesting to see the intervals of change.

... I feel hugged again.

Wonder who did it this time? Kat or Becca? Or someone else?

Probably Kat or Becca.

Because they're cool that way.

Mlrf I'm tired.

Oh, yeah, guess what?

Mom and I went shopping yesterday.

We got this really nice drapery and... small... rug thing.

The rug looks really nice at the foot of the ladder where I climb off my bed.

The drapery is... like.. beautiful. There's a top bit that's all swirfty and starry and light and cloudy at the same time, and then under that is this silky satin combination of night and day blue sky. Absolutely fantabulous. I'll have to take a picture of it for you sometime.
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Holy shiz. 2004 hugs. O:

It's... LUKE!!!! OOOO:

^____^ He's so cool. Going off to college today. Giving me like nine hundred hugs. It's all good.'

Edit: Not Luke. o0; Just talked to him about it. He was the one that got me up to 1500, but... 0o??

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): I'm sad. Luke went to college. I miss him. He's there, and I'm here.

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