October 9th, 2004


Going to WOU today...

Gonna make some CDs before I do... Make sure Grandma and Grampa don't smother me with oodles and oodles of love on the way there...

"How've you been doing, Ali? I hear you've had a four day weekend, how's that been?"
"Okay. Tiring. I went to the mall on Thursday, watched Wilson lose rather badly... I've been trying to recooperate since then."
*Change of subject, along with focus on Ali. She then puts her headphones on, and doesn't take them off until the group arrives.*

Yeah, it'll be fun once I get there, though. 'Cause, well, Luke and everything. Oh, and I get to watch the Star Wars DVDs while I'm there! ^__^ I'm pumped for that. Plus, Luke's awesome. Yeah. Okay. ... I think that's it.
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