October 15th, 2004



Okay, so about the whole singing in front of 1700 people thing? (Not an exaggeration?) Kind of bad. People were cheering, I know, but everything seemed to be silent except for my voice. And I thought my voice SUCKED. I was so shaky. Everything was shaky. I wasn't scared, but my body was. I couldn't sing the high part at the very end, my voice started cracking and spasming from fear, so I had to stop. I feel kinda numb. I'm still recovering.

The Senior won. Obviously. Seniors always win! Butwhatever. It was fun competing and all.

So many people congratulated me today, told me I was crazy brave, how well I did, even how much they respected me. I downplayed the whole thing, saying the truth -- I could have done much better. However, it was a really great experience, and I've definitely learned something from it -- Singing alone in front of a crowd is different from acting alone in from of one. When you act, you're not yourself. When you sing, you are. In fact, it's like a celebration of yourself. It's very, very different.

I wish I'd been able to start at, oh, two hundred people and work up. But no, I had to be hit by a bolt of lightning. Meh, I'll live.

The one phrase that sticks out to me I heard quite a lot today, once from Ben Rossi and once again by Mr. Murphy (he was telling me what he overheard a couple of girls saying to each other) is that I "had the balls" to go up there and sing like that. I find that funny. Obviously.

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Well, this is fantastical!

Hey everybody, my brother Maxwell has a collapsed lung! Another hardcore sounding injury to add his list. He's off at the ER for some surgery, but it's not as bad as it sounds, apparently. He doubts he'll have to spend the night or anything, but he'll be out of commission as far as basketball goes for awhile. He'll even have to miss tonight's Wilson game. Horrendous.

Anyway, don't go bawling and wondering why oh why does this happen to such a fine young man, but thanks in advance for your concern and all that good stuff.

Seriously, the guy doesn't seem like he has a collapsed lung at all.

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Everyone's scared about Maxwell. I know he's going to be okay, though.

A whole bunch of people complimented me on the whole Trojan Idol thing at the game, again. A group of girls even asked me to "Serenade" them, which I did. Crazy stuff, man. I got so many hugs. Goodness. Made me feel so much better.

Speaking of the game, we lost 30 to nothing. =\ Oh well. Last game was worse.