January 28th, 2005


(no subject)

Well, I haven't updated in a while.
So here are some updates. Brief ones. Overviews.

--The swimming season is over for me. I had my districts meet a few hours ago. Off my PR by three seconds on the solamente Backstroke which made me want to hit something, but I smacked my time in the relay, so it's all good, basically, 'cept for the fact that my relay team completely lost the entire length I'd gained for them and we ended up getting not first. Whatev. Free was blah. I'm going to miss swimming. It's the sense that someone's cheering for me that I love, the sense of being a part of a team that won't let you down, the sense that I'm really good at screaming my heart out for people I hardly know. The sense that Teigh Bowen's really freaking awesome and is an inspiration to us all helps, too.

--Finals. Here are my predicted grades this semester:
PE: A+
Geometry: A(-?)
Spanish: A
Global Lit.: A
Biology: A-
Global Studies: It's a toss-up. Who know's if it'll be heads or no heads?

--Anything Goes is coming along quite nicely. I am not only one of the wonderfully talented chorus folks but also I am now a "Newspaper Person" as Angie I think her name was calls us. We have this whole routine with the lapslapping and the newspaper peeking and all that good stuffs. Which makes me all cool and stuff. Plus Teigh Bowen is an inspiration to us all. I need tap shoes or I will die a bloody death. Ebay needs to be special. Mommy needs to give me stuff like pudding and subway and taaaaap shoooooooeees.

--I am adjusting to things, and it is fun and good. I still yearn for a best friend who's really a best friend, though. Like. You know. A best best best best best friend. A'cause that'd be tizzight. I miss having a bunch of friends and having a flock like seagulls kinda deal. But I guess not everyone gets what they wants. But hey I'm not everyone so-------------? The times have changed... blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah... I need to learn the words to this song... anything goes! Haha! All I remember is "The times have changed" and "Anything Goes". Oh, and "The world's gone mad today" and "Black's white today". You know what else I need to do? WATCH Anything Goes. I STILL have not seen the movie. And I bet like everyone else in the freaking cast has. Makes me want to get up and do a polkapolka. Ow maybe dwink some pineapple orange banana juice with ice cubes.

Teedleehee, soo much for brief!