January 30th, 2005


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You're Oregon!

When people talk about peace in the valley, they often think of you.
After all, you've inspired countless people to traverse rough terrain in search of you
and even think about you when playing popular computer games. Are you really up to all
the hype or are you all wet? You take shelter from the storm beneath trees, felled by
either loggers or beavers. If you were a shade of pink, it would be salmon.

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at the Blue Pyramid.


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Hey you guys guess what??!

I have an obsession with FEET today. ^_^ *Gives her feet a nice hug* Niiice feet. Good feet. Behavioural feet.

Which is good, because I have to, drum-tum-roll please, walk ALL THE WAY BACK FROM THE LIBRARY after I turn in all of my late library books and pay A FIIIIINE because I stole their best books and refused to give 'em back until now. Which is actually because I'm just so darn busy it makes my head explode, but what-ev man that's the way the kitten meows.

And okay so the library is only about a half a mile away from my house, but still. I am royalty. I should not have to -walk- like the filthy commoners around me.

Wow, I'm apparently feeling very pompous today as well.

Um, and, okay, later on Mom and Maxwell and Dad and IIII are going to go see Racing Stripes because Dad's all zebra-tastic with his zebra car and all. I think maybe that movie's gonna suck. I think maybe Max-eh-well-i-a-no got his pessimistismicness stuck in one of my eyelashes so I might not be able to se straight.

Man, I love my Ashland 2004 cupmugglass thing. Oooooh. Cupmugglass. That sounds cool. Say it out loud. It sounds cool. Put the emphasis on cup. Like CUP-muh-glass.

There is a kitten tail hangin' over the computer screen, man. That's just rock and roll. (:

And Mollie, I'm-a befriend you back because I heart you, m'darling. Move back to the seat next to me in Murphy's class! I swear I won't spaz out again! I was just high off of something or other! MOOOOORRRRFFF!!!!


John Hurt as a baby alien explodes out of his stomach in the space diner: "Oh no, not again!".

Colonel Sanders: Prepare ship for lightspeed!

Dark Helmet: No, no, no! Lightspeed's too slow!

Colonel Sanders: Lightspeed too slow?

Dark Helmet: Yes. We're going to have to go right to.......Ludicrous speed! (everyone gasps)

Colonel Sanders: Ludicrous speed? Sir, we've never gone that fast before...I don't know if the ship can take it!

Dark Helmet: What's the matter, Colonel Sanders? Chickennn?!

Computer: This ship will self destruct in 20 seconds. This is your last chance to push the cancellation button.

Dot Matrix: Hey! Stop looking up my can.

Lone Star: At last! We meet for the first time for the last time. ... *pauses to think about what he just said* .. *nods, confirming it*

"Now you see that evil will always triumph. . . because good is dumb." -- Dark Helmet