April 27th, 2005


You can tell at a glance

What a swell, night it is for romance, you can hear dear mother nature murmuring low... LET YOURSELF GO! So please be sweet, my chickadee, and when I kiss you, please say to me, it's delightful, it's delicious, it's delirious, it's delectable, it's dilemma, it's de limit, it's deluxe... It's delovely!

Seriously. They SO should have had that scene in a thunderstorm. With pouring down rain. Because. I have learned. That thunderstorms make me giddy with glee.

I want moooooore.... keep the storm coming, God! *Giggles with happiness for as she types this, thunder rages*

Saw Jackson's production of Annie a half an hour ago. Was blown away by how awesome I am. Had a vision of stomp-snaps from Anything Goes and West Side Story combined with little children wearing hairbows and too much makeup. Very interesting combination.

Also, today, I tried out for One Acts. Well, sort of. I was feeling insignificant again, so I sorta took a backseat -- meaning in no way possible am I getting a part, unless I am even more awesome than originally thought.

Once again, may I remind you that no, I do not have a gargantuan ego. In fact quite the oppisite. And so, I compliment myself to the moon, thus, solving the problem. Not only do I feel better, but I am also on the moon and am free to eat as much mooncheesecake as I wish.

Crap. I am paranoid. I hope I have enough time to do my religion paper deal tomorrow, because I am not in any way or form whatsoever going to be able to do it over the weekend at Ashland. Oh well. If all else fails I can finish it up on flavored carbonated water at 4am in the morning on Monday.


Oh, and you don't have to worry, Molster, Elise said I might not have time to see HG2G in Ashland for lack of long amounts of free time. Oh, yes, we'll have bundles of free time -- but perhaps not in long periods. And thus, I shall be unadultered and can be enabled to wear white clothing when I go to see HG2G with you and Classmate R.

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