July 30th, 2005



Everyone and your monkey!

Tell me, what's your favorite Trigun episode?

I must watch all the best again by tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I must go return the DVDs.

If you don't watch Trigun, just pick a number, 1-26.
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My top three favorite Trigun episodes.

Third is #11, Escape from Pain.
Second is #4, Love and Peace.
First is #26, Live Through.

The second that was there before was that one episode with all of the alcohol and stuff.

But I don't even remember the number and episode of that one...

How the heck did I miss Love and Peace? I thought I watched -all- of the episodes!!


That winking thing Vash did to Meryl was hilarious.

And also. Very canon.

Vash: *winkwink* Make out with me. Right now.
Meryl: ... *mistakes the wink for a signal to help with the criminals* ... o_o; Oh well. I make out with him later, anyway.

I'm going to go make sure I didn't miss any more episodes on disc one.
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