August 1st, 2005



3000 hugs?

*Raises an eye towards Marie* Did YOU do this? D':
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Okay, just so you know...

Dorothy Melendrez, alias Annie Pastrano, alias Dorothy Elias-Fahn, alias Anna Grinta, alias Midge Mayes, alias Jacky Morris = The voice actor for Meryl Strife.

But you know what I just found out?

She's also the voice for Naru Narusegawa in Love Hina, Kaoru Kamiya in RuroKen, Chiharu Mihara in CCS, Cyborg 003 in Cyborg 009 (XD), Nova in MKR and a ton of different voices in Kikaider.

Basically, SHE IS SO COOL.

She's like my favorite character in every single anime show ever. I mean. Come on. Meryl. Kaoru. Naru.



When I grow up, I want to be like Dorothy Melendrez, alias Annie Pastrano, alias Dorothy Elias-Fahn, alias Anna Grinta, alias Midge Mayes, alias Jacky Morris.

All those alias'!!!

Holy kittens.

If you don't understand her extreme awesomeness yet, check this out.

That is WILD.

And a couple nights ago I was watching Adult Swim...

I heard her voice and I KNEW it was her. On Scryed! She's THE SAME AS MERYL! Kiryu Mimori. It's WILD.

I'm kinda goin' crazy here, if you hadn't noticed.

Goodness gracious...

I think perhaps tomorrow, after I watch the rest of the DVDs I got from the library today, I'll make some sort of colorbar to glorify the characters of Dorothy Melendrez.


Oh, and if you're wondering what spurted this madness, I was watching the bloopers on the first Mao-Chan DVD and I heard her voice, and I was like, WTF mate?


I am exploding in adoration for this lady.
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WTF, mate?

4000 hugs, already?

Man, someone has no life. Or just really likes hugging me. Or both. :P
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I am so not stalking her.

Theatre appearances:
Understudy for Essie – Dorothy Elias-Fahn.

Oooh! A lead role! With a PICTURE, no less!

Annette tries desperately to get Frankie's attention. The story of my life.

So basically, she's really cool.
Wonder what her personality's like. Hopefully she's not all stuck-up like you imagine people like her to be.

... HEY! Don't look at me that way. I just look up to her, is all. It's not like that.

Man. The voice of Meryl Stryfe.

So wild.

I may possibly get my braces off tomorrow.
I dread it. I know something is going to go wrong. An extension of some sort, my teeth will be very stained, they're going to do something painful to me...

Perhaps I can stay up late and try to fall asleep while they're doing it?
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