August 6th, 2005


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For some reason the candyshop thing won't upload on my angelfire hoster dealie. But I was able to upload my extremely long diary thing.

My voices for my characters are completely incorrect, but that's just beause my voice isn't like theirs. Peace's voice didn't have HARDLY enough w's in it.

I'm still working on my voice acting skills. Watching anime DVDs helps a lot. Whenever they make gaspy noises or yelly noises, ya just copy 'em.

So I'm going to make another request for voice requests, soon. It seems giving me a plot to work out is a good idea.

I also extremely enjoy the voice actor commentaries on the Final Fantasy Unlimited DVDs. There was one on the sixth one I believe with the actor who plays Cid, and it was hilarious. I think that's pretty much my second favorite anime, now. Because KazexLiza is like. OMGYES.

Kaze is pretty much another one of my dream men, is all. I mean seriously, that whole sunglasses with only one eyepeice thing? HOTT.

The only drawback of ordering season DVDs from the library is sometimes you have to watch them out of turn.

Though, I think pretty much all of my DVDs should be in tomorrow... so things are looking good.

In other news, later in the evening I am probably going to make some friggin' hot icons from Gaia. Stay tuned.
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Cassie came over, so basically I got absolutely nothing done.
Tomorrow will be much more successful, though, I promise.
If I don't get the Gaia icons after Izzy's, I'll definitely get them done tomorrow.

After I go to the library to pick up the massive amount of hold DVDs I put in that have finally arrived.

Man. Rocking to the Star Wars Gangsta Rap can take a lot out of ya.

In other news...

I'm going to make another recording tomorrow, as well.

So like.

Who should I be? What should I do?

How many fingers am I holding up?

The answers are yours. I am willing to do anything, unless it's like profane or something. D:
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