August 13th, 2005



After several hours of fiddling around, I now have a new background, and I've made some changes to my layout. Yeehaw!

You may also notice my new main icon. It's not much, but it'll help to satiate (I have no idea how you spell or pronounce that word, and I'm too lazy to look it up) my need for a new icon set until I get off of my lazy bum and make them myself.

It's my brother Luke's birthday, today. I bought him America: The Book by Jon Stewart and friends. He seems to be having a wonderful time with it. It is quite hilarious.

Yum. Grapes.
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Yes, well. I'm attempting to make those icons I spoke of, and seem to be having a jolly old time with the help of the basic ideas of this tutorial. I'm still editing the Kaze one (Soul Charged Triumph) because it's not exactly to my liking, and I can't find a good caption for this most recent one I made.

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Yeah, I'm pretty darn cool.

So, anyway, I need your help. Perhaps some critique on the Kaze icon, and ideas for text on the Meryl one?

What do you think, oh wonderful everyone?
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