August 16th, 2005


Music and blasters and old jedi masters at the star wars cantina..

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Oh man. Today was definitely a good day. What with the webcam, and the book reading, and the talking to Sir Possibly.

So people other than Na do occasionally look at me on MSN. Once in a while, at least. Who knew?

Sir Possibly says:
I generally run away from social interaction.

I said in my MSN description that I was yearning for it today, which was/is a bit odd because I am usually a social outcast and keep it that way due to my extreme awkwardness. And now we have been talking for over three hours, and I am very happy. Sir Possibly is probably the only old friend I have always been able to rely on to not be incredibly stupid, and make me feel not incredibly stupid at the same time.

He talks good. And III like it!

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And not to mention the awesomeness that is Na. She = completely great.

Icon making has proven to be impossible, sadly. With any hope I'll be able to get it back before Sunday, when the deadline for trigun_awards is.

I'm not feeling very talkative after talking to Sir Possibly, however, so I think I shall read a book while I wait for something else to talk about.