August 27th, 2005


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One of these days, I am so going to do a Meryl iconfiend100 challenge. And it shall be wonderful.

Sir Possibly is currently my favorite guy pal. Possibly 'cause he's my guy pal, other than Ryan, who I never talk to anymore. But man, is he great. I'm probably just projecting coolness onto him because I've always thought he's really freakin' cool, but whatever, it's how things are. If I could give him a hug, I would so do it. I'd be like LE HUG and it'd be cool.

Speaking of sChOOL, I'm dreading it like the end of the world. I want more relaxation, goshdarnit!

Oh well. It happens.

Narf. Gack. BLAAAAH.

I'm going to go try to make that icon for trigun_awards again... must get it finished!
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Oh my goodness. I think I may have been mentally scarred by this evening. And for very, very small reasons... but quite a lot of them.

If I were to explain myself, I'd sound like an idiot. But let's just say I ended up collapsed in a heap on the kitchen floor, laughing, whimpering and crying at the same time.

My eyes are tired.

Gosh darn it Sir Possibly, get your bum online.

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Some NGE icons I made today...

And ya know ya guys, you can always check out if there are any new icons I've made in my icon place over here, 'cause that's where I'll be uploading everything from now on.

I am so out. Lata.
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