July 22nd, 2006


It makes me happy in an incredibly depressing kind of way.

Well, you see, I just picked up season three of RuroKen today at the library, and I've already watched half of it.

And I have been reminded what exactly is my number two anime OTP of all time.


They're obviously more canon than Vash/Meryl, but Kaoru's a wuss a lot more of the time than Meryl is, and basically, I like Vash/Meryl tons more. But Kenshin/Kaoru does make #2 on my list.

I'm not quite sure who makes number three yet. We'll have to see. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up the last DVD of Fruits Basket and Fruits Basket volume #12 at the library (volume #13 is still on hold), so perhaps Yuki/Tohru will sneak in on third place. Or, who knows, if a miracle happens, Catboy/Tohru could knock out Yuki/Tohru! Which is highly unlikely, but one never truly knows these things.

I also have the Avatar DVDs on the way, but I don't know, it doesn't really seem to me like that plot is going anywhere. I haven't been watching the new ones on TV at all though, to tell you the truth.

And Monty Python's flying circus, Graham Chapman's personal best is also on the way, but I highly doubt I'll get any anime OTPs from that. ;)

I'd really like to go to the mall again tomorrow or on Monday, but I don't really have much to do there since I've already seen Superman Returns and PotC2 (both fantastic movies) and all of the other ones look like total crap. Except An Inconvenient Truth, but we all know how that ends. And I don't see movies twice in the theatres. I haven't done that ever in my entire life. So all I'd do is sit around and read like I did yesterday... which was nice, really but a bit pointless.

Besides, I'd just be reading The Right Stuff probably, since I started in on that today and I don't really like to cheat on books (unless it's manga which is a totally different category). And The Right Stuff so far is all about people being burn to a crisp and being flattened and having their brains spewed all over trees and paranoia and things. Not really a great thing to read at the mall. But who knows, maybe I'll get desperate.

I'm really tempted to start making some sort of graphics again, but I'm afraid I've lost my talent after all of these weeks! Yarr!

PS, happy happy joy joy, I'm posting in my livejournal regularly again!
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Shout to the heart! And you're too late! You give looove a bad name!

Why is it I always get that song stuck in my head at the strangest of times?
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PPPS. I love you.

Okay I'll stop spamming your friends page now. <33

EDIT: Be happy I edited this and didn't post something more.

I just noticed how much Logan/Rory is soooo much like Vash/Meryl except in a seriously not on a different planet kind of way.

That is all.

EDIT EDIT: But seriously, doesn't Logan look exactly like Vash except without an earing or a mole or green eyes?

Meaning, he's just some blonde guy who has spiky hair sometimes.


EDIT EDIT EDIT: If they made a Trigun movie with real actors and for some strange reason they made one with american actors instead of Japanese... Matt Czuchry could SO play the part of Vash. You just have to dot a mole on his cheekbone, slap on an earing, put in some contacts, and BAM, Vashorama!

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I'm going to go watch some more RuroKen. It's still too hot here to sleep. Diet Snapple and sheet blanket, awaaaay!

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I just wanted to add one more. Make it an even five. But really. Tea, tea, why, Elle?