July 24th, 2006


Of course!

I remember who my third favorite pair is!

SousukexKaname from Full Metal Panic!

Duuhhhrrr, how could I forget the wonderful Sousuke?

Plus, what's really strange is, Sousuke has a cross-shaped scar on his left cheek like Kenshin. Except it's much lower down, like, on his chin.

But still. My fandoms are all connected somehow!

1. Vash/Meryl
2. Kenshin/Kaoru
3. Sousuke/Kaname

Now that I've remembered the great SK, Kenshin and Kaoru better watch out!

Considering Sousuke and Kaname actually kiss. They're the most officially developed of the three (except for the whole baby thing with Kenshin and Kaoru, which doesn't count because we don't get to see the baby in the anime at all! ): ).

By the way, the last episode of RuroKen is total crap. He gives her a shell? She holds his hand? What the ephesian? I wanna see some hugging or leaning on the shoulder or something, man! We've seen Kaoru hold Kenshin's hand before! And it was totally much more heartwarming because of the whole blindness thing Kenshin had going on. And what was with those pointlessly long shots of the sky and nature and stuff?

Suuuuure, it was the best as far as the actual art went, but still, that hardly made up for it. Show the baby in a flash forward or something! Gooosh!

The Trigun movie that's coming better have some darn good Vash/Meryl scenes or Nightow is going to have some fist to face.
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PS. Dark Horse Comics is based in Milwaukie, Oregon.
Dark Horse Comics prints the Trigun Manga.
I rest my case.
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