July 25th, 2006


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Another OTP of mine?


Okay, so it's not technically anime.

BUT THEY MAKE IT ON THERE. Because. Demitri is quite droolworthy.

And Anya's a toughie.


They're so cuuute!

I am so going to gather up my things and try to make graphics again! And when I do, my fandoms will be the first to be seen!

I had another strange dream last night!

Several, actually. I think it happens when I go to sleep at a really late hour (three fourty-five).

One of them was about Fruits Basket, I think, but I don't remember that one. It probably happened because I watched the last episodes of the Furuba series last night.

They were kinda crap. But anyways, before I forget everything!

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And I wake up.

Try to interpret that dream, man.
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