July 26th, 2006


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Oh how I want to cosplay Meryl.

I'll probably be cheap and buy a costume.

But I was looking though cosplay.com and there are some pretty freakin' sweet Meryl cosplayers there.

Like this one:

She's so pretty! And so... MERYL-y! Look at that face! It is the epitome of a human Meryl! And also the Serenity behind her is really good.

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I just bought the Trigun Perfect Collection, which has all of the episodes, and looks really sweet, and I've been wanting it forever, but it usually cost like $150 or more...

I bought it for $19.45 including shipping/handling and insurance.


I am finally not a pathetic Trigun fan wannabe.

Thank you, this place.
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Another similarity between my top fandoms...

Kenshin has sworn to never kill again.
Vash swears never to kill.

Gilmore Girls -- conscience calling

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"Well, I draw my comics, and what readers imagine from them is their own business. So if they want to express that, no one can tell them to stop... But there is a certain shock reading them - how come these two guys just naturally progress to a bed scene?" from interview with Yasuhiro Nightow in March 1999 issue of Puff magazine

... XD

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The bad news is, though...

That $20 I used to buy the Trigun DVDs? I was going to use it to renew my paid account on Livejournal.

Dun dun dunnn.

So now either have to earn myself another $20 doing goodness knows what, or just... let my livejournal fall into an abyss.

I love my paid account, though! @w@ It's so... FANTASTICALLY AWESOME!!!

What am I going to do? DX

Plus, it's actually $25 if I want to use cash! And $27 if I want to buy those extra userpics again!


$27 is nearly $30!

Oh, woe is me. How will I ever get $30?

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I just spent nearly an hour making one icon...

And it's... really bad. D:

So much... red. And orange. And... yellow.


Perhaps I shall try again tomorrow... after I've finished my improv performance response paper.
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