August 3rd, 2006


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She loves him! She really really loves him!
Well, I think that's pretty freaking obvious by now. Meryl likes Vash. Le doi.
But I'm currently taking evidence from Vash that says he likes her too.
And does not like Wolfood. In a jump in bed kind of way.
(I already have a freakin' good quote from Vash to back up that he's not gay, but I'll tell you that later.)
I'll give you the details probably tomorrow after I've watched the rest and taken more notes.
But there is absolutely no doubt that Meryl loves Vash. WITH EVERY FIBER OF HER BEING.
Awww, Meryl, you're so AWESOME! *flails* Rah rah sis boom bah! Yaaaay Meryl!

I want to make Meryl icons. But. But. But. I HAVE TO DO MY HOMEWORK!

*shakes fist at improv class* Who cares what I have learned, eh? EH? YOU WANT SOME OF THIS JOHN? I CAN TAKE YOU! RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

*John rings doorbell*

Uh, dude, I was just kidding. Go back to being old but damn good at improv, Mr. Teacher. See yaaa, wouldn't want to be ya.

*returns to Meryl squee bonanza*

Maybe I'll make a Meryl layout! And I can use it for the Meryl fancommunity that I'm probably never going to make because only like three people would join!

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