August 18th, 2006


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Tonight I discovered that I have an eensy bit of Barty Crouch Jr. hidden behind my soft Hufflepuff demeanor.

Solely because being crazy and biting people is really fun, and gets you all jumpy and stuff. His tic is the tounge thing, mine is biting at your arm or something.

And I do quite like saying Avada Kedavra. But it does nothing, so that means nothing.

If I were in a gang, I would totally beat people up. I mean, sure, RIGHT NOW, I wouldn't ACTUALLY hurt a fly. But if I turned bad, boy, I would be BAAAHAHAD.

And I suddenly feel like running down some hall and yelling "EVERY BOY IS GORGEOUS" at the top of my lungs.

Question mark?

Ali is a loon.

A loony loony loon of loonish proportions.


I have decided when I am going to have my FATED HARRY POTTER MOVIE PARTY! ... Next year. The day the book comes out, hopefully. OR MAYBE if that doesn't work out I'll do it when the next HP movie comes out. But I am going to do it. Just when it's more appropriate and less random.

I got Sarah Dessen's "Just Listen" from the library yet, but I've only read the first few pages so far. I think I'll go finish the rest of it right now.

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