August 24th, 2006


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I think my hair and I have found some middle ground.

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So basically it's lightened and highlighted and it's not totally blonde, it's sort of reddish. Plus it's quite a bit shorter than it was and the bangs fall better.

In other news, I now have my class schedule...

1 -- Marchese, AP economics/polysci
2 -- Mateo, English 5/6H
3 -- Mr. E, Precalculus
4 -- Feller, Chemistry
5 -- Flores, Spanish 7/8
6 -- Miller, Adv. Acting workshops

Tell me if you have any classes with me por favor! I would love to know!
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Alright, here's another try...

You might wonder, why is that one lady %70? It's because both she and I tend to smile like we don't mean it.

Hem hem. Possibly?

I totally do not look like eighty percent of the people on there. This thing stinks. D:
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