September 14th, 2006


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Why must Jesse McCartney be so gorgeous?

And why must they insist on showing him on ABC Family all the time?

He is one of the exceptions to the blond hair rule. He is even hotter with dark hair than he is with blond. Actually, I don't know if I can think of another exception. Vash is definitely hotter as a blond.

But not Jesse.


AND HE HAS TO BE SO... FACIAL EXPRESSION-Y. It makes me think he's talking to meeee. STOP DOING THAT YOU LOSER.

Now, don't say that I am a fangirl, because I am not. Were I to meet Jesse in real life, I would not scream at him and humiliate myself. I might have trouble with the whole not making out with him thing, though.


He's definitely on my list of top ten hottest people I have ever known (not necessarily personally).

I officially should make that list sometime...

Dear Jesse McCartney,

If you are secretly writing about me in your songs, then say something about Ali Fritz in them, you goon.

My dearest appreciation, -insert signature here-


I would die of love.


(no subject)

Another person on my top ten hottest guys that I can think of in my opinion list is whoever the heck plays Derek on Life with Derek.

That guy just exudes hotness.

Apparently his name is Michael Seater.

Well, congratulations, Michael Seater, you have made my top ten hottest guys that I can think of in my opinion list. You're up there with Vash the Stampede, Sir Possibly and Jesse McCartney. Where, I do not know. That will be judged at a later day.

Remember folks, men aren't based solely on looks, but on personality and facial expressions and voice and tons of other things. When I make the official list I'll totally grade all of them. A lot of them will loose points on personality (like Jesse and Michael) because I have absolutely no idea what they're like (and it seems to me like Jesse's sort of, uhhhhh, not good on the personality thing). Not sure where Michael stands, though, since I haven't researched him or heard any quotes or anything. Sir Possibly gets an N/A on the appearance factor. So far it's looking like Vash on top. Perhaps I'll think of someone I actually know in real life? It's a long shot, but I guess it could happen.





Michael Seater? *researchresearch* Do I secretly know you in real life? ... probably not.

Dude, how come apparently everyone thinks he's gay? He totally does not seem gay to me. Now, haha, Ricky Ullman, I can DEFINITELY see him as gay. If I had a gaydar he would totally make the needle move. But Michael Seater? Not so much.

Perhaps its just because Derek and Casey are so obviously meant for each other on the show. BUT YOU COULD SAY THAT ABOUT PHIL AND KEELEY, TOO!


Interesting. *taps chin*

I am being called to go to bed. So. I must.

I bid you... Or a vwa?