September 16th, 2006

Colbert -- lost to barry manilow

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And, er, ncompletely unrelated news, turns out this stupid spyware program called Mirar infected my usual computer, so I tried to get rid of it, but now my computer won't turn on (it pauses at the Windows 98 screen thinger). So, I don't know how long that'll last, but, uh, it could be a while.

I really dislike spyware. Plus this Mirar thing is SO INCREDIBLY annoying. It pretends to be a pop-up blocker and installs itself without asking you, then it won't let you delete it and you have to go through this stupid backdoor, and it actually launches pop-ups instead of blocking them. Not that I need a pop-up blocker in the first place, since I have google toolbar.

Also, I have a really dry throat and drinking stuff doesn't help it. That's what I get for teasing Cameron about his dry throat!

Le siiiigh.
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I just took this test

Which is identical to several other tests I have taken in my life, except for the fact that

One, it kept mentioning the Dalai Llama,

and Two, it was really accurate about the first two questions. The third was totally off, though. You can't say colors are the same for everyone.

My computer's still dead. Dad said he might have to reset it again. Which means that I might have to install all of my Photoshop stuff again. Arrrgh.

I'm just getting more and more throat-sorey and headachey and runny nosey. Dun dun dunnnn.

EDIT: There is nothing on TV. Perhaps I shall attempt to find Pride and Prejudice on youtube or something while I wait for someone to upload the subtitled Ouran 24.
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The good news: My computer's fixed. And I can print again. Thanks to the old Daddyums.

The bad news: I'm as sick as a sick thing. I'm going to go take my third shower of the day and then go to sleep. Yes, at nine in the evening. I'm sick. Get over it.


I hope I don't really have mono. That would le SUCK. Not my kind of sickness, dude.
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