September 19th, 2006


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I noticed last night when I was not able to sleep from hacking that the usericons on livejournal apparently had eyepatches on them. I was surprised. Had I neglected to notice this during my entirety on this lovely site?

But now I have come to realize...

It be talk like a pirate day, mateys.

So in honor of one of the most silly goose-y holidays... yarr. May the booty be with ye.

(no subject)

Oh, the rambling that could commence!

But sadly, I am too busy hacking up infected esophagus tissue to relate to you folks the deep and philosophical entity that is my existence.

So instead, I will give you this: a letter.

Dear life,

Give me a stagnant emotion, please.

My love and adoration,
Alessandra 'Ali' Pamela Fritz
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