September 24th, 2006


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Jesse McCartney + Ali Fritz = OTP.

He was having trouble with his earpeice. But it kept his cool. Even though he was super tired, overheated, dehydrated probably and slightly annoyed with the crowd.

Dear Jesse, your teeth are really white. Do you always wear that shirt? It looks good. That green fits you.

Is "Let Go" really that much better than "Lose Control"?

I like the original lyrics better.

But at least you're trying to reach out to me. You won't stop until you get my attention, will you? What's next, commercials on Comedy Central? Cameos on the Scifi channel? Voicework for cartoon network?

Seriously, Jessman. If you want me to pay attention, all you have to do is say so.

Also, do you really like the nickname J-Mac? Or whatever it is? Because it sounds really stupid to me. No offense or anything. You're Jesse McCartney, not MacCartney. Mick not Mack.

Either way, It's me and you babe. Even if you are 'with that one blond girl I can't remember the name of'. Pshaw, it's all a publicity stunt so people don't figure out all of your songs are secretly talking about me.

"She's no you"?

That's right. She's no me.

Sincerely, Ali

Matt Czuchry looks kind of like Jesse McCartney. OOH OOH. Jesse McCartney with Matt Czuchry's talking voice and Teigh Bowen's singing voice. YES! FOR SURE!

Excuse me as I run off to create my master plan of creating my personal perfect boyfriend. MWAHAHA!
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