October 21st, 2006


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Dear Life,

You think you are clever. But I, too, am clever.

You cannot take the SAT until you've taken the SAT. This may seem obvious to you, Life. But here's something you probably thought you were being clever about. It is possible to have taken the PSAT if you've only taken the SAT. Why? Several reasons.

First of all, hello, kittens. Second of all, breakfast.

Lastly, SAT means 'sat' and when you have taken the 'sat' test you can say "I 'sat' around for approximately five hours and doodled into circles with a pointy stick. Oh yeah. And I scribbled nonsense onto a paper at some point, too." In order to say you have taken the 'psat' test you have to be able to say "I 'sat' around for approximately four hours and doodled into circles with a pointy stick."

Therefore, the PSAT is included in the SAT, and once you've taken the SAT, you've truly taken the PSAT.

Ohoho Life, that's right, your wily ways have been thwarted by my genius yet again!

Love and kisses,

PS. Ummm, the clouds on the sunrise outside kind of look like massive pollution. Sorry about that.
PPS. Thanks for Subway.
PPPS. I'm only being silly. Get get get get get over it!
PPPPS. Do you think this is funny or ridiculous? Or both?
PPPPPS. Hufflepuff Prefect? Am I old enough? Yes. Am I wise enough? Perhaps. Do I have enough chutzpah? Proooobably not since I'm nineteen percent sure I spelled that wrong.
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