October 28th, 2006


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Rofl. Dear icon makers, if you have a crappy imaging program, save your icons as .pngs, not .jpgs, and they'll look soooo much prettier. Love, your secret almost-admirer.

In other news, I'm feeling very cynical and pooptastic today. Forgot to help the Janzorz with cleanuprops yesternight. Por this, I am stupido. In also I wonder where cast party be tonight. Probably Lacy Blake's house. Halloween? Most likely.

Must. Have. Hufflethings.

Subway is subalicious.

I want to join the Emerson Lyon fan club. FTW?

Le tired. Le blah. Le luuuurve. Zack Cada is an idiot. He is possibly off my top 100 people list. I am good at back rubs?

Note to self: make actual top 100 people list. Remember: no ranking. Top ten hottest men list was good for ranking. Wait. Did I rank that yet?

Note to self: rank top ten hot guys list.

Other note to self: Have better self esteem. You don't totally look like flaming crap on a stick.

Also: Never commit adultury. Red doesn't go so well with blue. I could probably get a blue A that stood for Ali though. That'd be shazawesome.

Le must go. Would talk more except I am an antsy daughter of a mother. Maxwell has physical appearance. Whaaaatever.

In final, Jesse McCartney and I totally made out. It was delicious. He tasted like key lime pie and snickerdoodles. An interesting combination, but tasty nonetheless.

Baby, take me on a journey. I've been thinking, lately... I could use a little time alone with you. Crazy? Let's do something, maybe. Please, don't take your time. You've got me right where you want me.
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