March 10th, 2007


Happy Birthday Remus John Lupin!

Oh, what a G.

Remus Lupin, from his extra hot "furry little problem" to his sensitivity to his intense longing to be loved, is one extra super cool teacher guy, whom I believe to be one of the most attractive people in the books (up there with Sirius Black and Cedric Diggory). So here's to Remus on his special day, let's all hope he doesn't die in Deathly Hollows.

Speaking of which (since I'm not keeping up in my Potter communities on here) if JKR is releasing DH at midnight BST everywhere, does that mean it'll be four o'clock our time? Pacific standard time, that is. Because. If so. That's sad! I was looking forward to staying up late! And now all the little childrens will be able to go! Which means loads and loads of cryyying!

I'm going to go see Amazing Grace relatively soon (in an hour or so), since there isn't really any other movie at Tigard 11 I'd like to see (and haven't already seen),and if I don't do anything today I will be uberuberbored. I think I get a free popcorn today since I have the points! Yay Regal Crown Club! Except I don't really like popcorn. ... oh well!

I got the eleventh Trigun from the library, and Holy Christ Almighty, that VashxMeryl scene is even cuter in real life. Ohhhh goodness. Such a break from the tone of the rest of the book, too! SO MUCH LOVE AND OTP! It's enough for me to feel heartachey! And then I watched Hitch, which despite what I thought when it first came out, was actually pretty darn good. I like Will Smith a lot.

Spring is budding, birds are tweeting and I have nothing else I can think of to say.
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