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Hay guyz. I r cool. U r cool. Letz hang out. 4 sho.

But 4 serius, is tym 4 kul.

Uhhhh yeah. Sooo I figure it's been a while since I pimped not lumos_sorting but

My johari and nohari windows! According to my nohari window I have no faults. Errr. Doubt it.

I figured since I have a load of new friends now and I've been nicely active etc. it would be great fun times and stuff.

Hugs for everyone! I am hyper!

PS. Mollie McMollerson, you know who you are (can I get a crackpress?), I'm holding a Harry Potter Marathon on Tuesday July 10th leading up to the midnight release of Order of the Phoenix. If this interests you let me know. Also: you need to get a facebook. Because there is uberinformation on facebook about this event. Also also: you're very cool. Fin.
Current Mood: ditzyditzy