June 26th, 2007


I wasn't aware that sexy ever left.

A few questions for you to chew over...

Do you think it would be possible for two (25 cent) quarters to stick together as travel partners for a period of 10 years or more? I'm not talking about the likelihood of it happening. But is it possible? Quarter love: one chance in a kagillion billion of working out. Poor quarters.

Full dental hygiene with euthanasia: what's God's opinion? According to the omnipotent being upstairs, should my mouth be numb for four hours after a couple of fillings? Is that really that necessary?

The excitement of having two definite partakers during my Harry Potter Movie Extravaganza has me wondering, am I not as socially inept as I had previously imagined?

How was the concept of the 'tongue twister' invented? Did some guy just start talking about Sally's sea shells and suddenly go "Damn, that's hard to say. It's like my tongue is being twisted. Huh. Maybe I should call that a tongue twister!" Or did someone actually twist someone else's tongue for being made to say such ridiculous things?

And finally, are you in good hands? Or are you in jam hands?

These "deep thoughts" have been brought to you by the brilliant mind of Alessandra P. Fritz. And Allstate.
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