July 11th, 2007

Hufflepuff -- naptime

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Really sorry for the lack of activity, I've just been really busy enjoying summer etc.

Mollie -- lumos_sorting, for the win. Go, apply, get sorted, it shall be grand.

Cedric Diggory is going to be resurrected and then he and I are are going to marry. This is my final thought on the subject.
Sir Peter -- not a book

Vanity Fair, X-Men III, Cider House Rules


laying around and watching movies day for the most part.

Vanity Fair -- something like

"if you should wake tomorrow and I am dead, please remember this: you have truly been loved." AND THEN THERE'S BEAUTIFUL SNUGGLING ACTION AND I CRIED

Whaaaat the HECK

and then she goes off and completely ignores him when he comes back from battle and is okay. Even though he is still incredibly hot and they have a child etc. She could have, I don't know, sold her own paintings or something. Money isn't everything. They could just sit out on the street and make out for money. Uh, I'd pay to see that.

But seriously, who the hell in their right mind would not just constantly be ALL OVER a man like Rawdon Crawley, even if his name is Rawdon Crawley?


And then in X-Men the last stand, OH MAN, everybody cool DIES except Wolfie then then Wolfie doesn't even get to make out with Jean again! Laaaaame! And Magneto still has powers? Laaaaame! I think the girl who plays Shadow Kitty or whatever her name is is absolutely perfect for her part though. Like crazy perfect.


and with Cider House Rules, why is it that nothing good ever happens to Tobey Maguire in any of the movies he stars in? I mean seriously, he's blind, he's an orphan, he's an awkward angstbuckety spiderman, I mean, SERIOUSLY, I just want to see a movie where Tobey Maguire is just hot all the way through and then he has a happy ending where he's making out with some girl he really loves. You know. He's just so cute, I want to see him smile more and be really satisfied with his life at the end of a movie for once. Not just like "yeah that's how it goes" or whatever.

You know what I mean.

Man, I am feeling the withdrawal temptation just snacking on me right now. I want to huddle into a cocoon and make myself a really ridiculously good looking imaginary friend or something. Life is not responding to my shin-kicking and my legs are getting a little tired.

Uh, yeah, and my Hufflepuff robes etc? Extremely awesome. I was going to take a picture of myself to show you but I am lazy and busy huddling. See, they just sneak up on me. A week ago there is no way I could have predicted this. Heck, I couldn't have predicted this two days ago.

So sorry if I'm not very talkative or active for God knows how long, I'm fine, I'm just doing the Ali dance, like I have done countless times before. Those who know me best know it's just a part of who I am, I guess. I mean, it doesn't have to be. But it happens.

Man it's hot.
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