July 26th, 2007


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Look at that man. I have to make myself some icons.

Danforth Comins = Hottest OSF Actor ever. Possibly hottest actor ever period. Gaaaaah the facial expressions.

Gaaaaaaaaaah the wooing and the winking and the quirked smile.

AND OH THE DELICIOUSNESS OF HIS SHAKESPEAREAN LANGUAGE! I mean seriously. I was actually thinking about giving up acting and going to work for Gaia and then freaking Danforth Comins comes along and reminds me that extremely hot easy to work with talented men tend to hang around theatres.

I mean, yeah, he's probably like thirty.

But I can still revel in his handsome awesomeness, can't I?

Dan, you have made my trip. Thanks so much for the hard work you must do to stay so ridiculously good looking and believable in every part you play. I loved ya in Bus Stop last year, in Richard III as the hot new king, in King John as Richmond, I mean, really, you're just delish.

If I ever fail to give a performance of yours a standing ovation, that shall be a rotten day indeed.


I am quite tempted to start a Danforth Comins fan club.
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