January 25th, 2008

Hufflepuff -- Human

Yeah, sooo...

Weight, weight, weight. I'm losing it, apparently.

A little under two weeks ago weeks ago I said to my mom, "let's start working out again" or something to that extent, because after weighing in at a whopping 227 lbs before the trip to the G-parents I was feeling mighty large. That Thursday (a week and a day ago) I took my first trip to the ol' SWCC in a long while (as in, four-ish months), where I did about twenty minutes of lifting weights and about ten of cardio, my pretty much usual work out. Thaaat was uneventful. The Saturday after that I went again, this time going "hardcore", with the usual amount of weight lifting, but with a half an hour of intense elliptical work (as in, burning over 300 calories and sweating up a storm). That night I weighed in at 225-ish... then I had Panda Express for dinner. I think the next night I had Taco Time. I "hardcore" worked out again on Monday, to probably a lesser extent than Saturday since I didn't feel as dead.

I've been eating pretty healthy since then (save the occasional BREADNOMNOM that happens at home -- delish potato bread, no less). I try to spend very little on food during the school week since I'm saving up for cosplay gear and general spending money, so I usually just get a bagel without cream cheese and a diet coke at Noah's... or something like that. Today I had a chocolate chip cookie and a diet peach tazo tea from Starbucks for lunch. Indulging? Who knows. Or cares. I didn't have breakfast today though, so probably not.

Strangely enough, after getting back from working out today (good Lord I was tired, but that's probably because I listened to such fast beated songs as "lovestoned" and "get over it" on the elliptical, plus I was all frustrated about life and stuff so I "ran" faster)... I really need to stop the constant parenthese, comma and elipse use... anyway... I weighed in at 220. I swear. The needle was right at the big pointy thinger.

Then I guess I ate and drank and now I'm 222. Either that or my currently very flimsy clothes weigh two pounds. I did have one of those fat covered fat slices Erin sent Luke "with love" though, so I dunno, that could have tipped the balance. Either that or the pear. Which one do you think it was?

Anyway, the point is, I've lost anywhere from five to seven pounds in about a week, and I think that's impressive. If I continue at this rate (which I won't, because that's not how losing weight works) I'll have a "healthy BMI", weighing 167 pounds, by mid-April.

But, like I said, that's not going to happen, unless I, uh, stop eating completely or something. My "realistic goal" is to get down to 197 by April. 197 is the point where I stop being "Obese" and become "Slightly Overweight". And now I'm overusing quotation marks.

No, I am not going to become obsessed, and no, I am not going to become anorexic or bulemic. I'm just going to work out my teenage frustration by... working out. And from that working out, I will look awesomer.