February 12th, 2008


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So, there's this kid called Josiah Leming on American Idol, and he apparently lives out of his car, and he sang this absolutely gorgeous version of "Grace Kelly" by Mika, and I pretty much died from love. If only Mika's version were that beautiful.

If Josiah doesn't get far I'm going to punch somebody. That was amazing. Granted, his Stand By Me was pretty bad, but that's because he was like about to cry the whole time and the whole band fiasco freaked him out. When it comes down to it, this guy is brilliant, though. His remakes of songs sound like what the originals should have been. His creative mind is pretty inspiring. And man, I went on his myspace, and his original stuff is freaking great too. When I get some of dem moniez together I'll buy that crap up.

Also, he looks kiiind of like Jesse McCartney. And you know what that means...

What does that mean?

PS, I'm down to about 215. Not insanely impressive, but it's also not bad considering I haven't worked out in over a week now.

PPS. The boots I got for Meryl are delish. MMM, boot.
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