February 13th, 2008


American idol: top 24.

Here's a list of the people who I think shouldn't have made it... especially not over Josiah Leming. And these are just the people they showed clips of auditions for to remind me what they sounded like... there were several others who got through who didn't deserve it, I just couldn't remember my excuses why.

David Cook (bad voice guy). I really don't know why he got through. He's not very good at singing and he's really unoriginal.

David Archelletto (previously dead voice guy). His vowel sounds suck and he doesn't really know how to control his vibrato or tone yet. This kid is just sixteen, he still needs a few more years to get to know his voice.

Dani Noriega (stupid young bad singer guy). Once again, horrible vowel sounds, inexperience, and this kid is just really annoying. He reminds me of Betty's younger brother from Ugly Betty... except this kid isn't funny, or cool, or cute. ):

Josiah's vowel sounds are, usually, pretty good (though his E's could use some work, but that's kinda style-y). That's why he sounds British when he sings, because them Brits know their vowels! And, most of all, he's original as hell. So, so, so incredibly creative. Here, here are a couple of his songs I found that I effing love... and he's not even liscensed, meaning these haven't even been put through a real studio, so they could sound like a trillion times better, if that's possible. Not, I'm not saying he's the best artist ever, and he's certainly not the best vocalist, but... he's most certainly good enough to make it pretty darn big.

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But Brooke White, oh man, I love her so much. I don't think I've seen her best singing yet, but I think she might become my favorite girl. The one I actually like, at least.

Looking at the judges after they sent Josiah packing... I think they regretted their decision when they heard him admit to his overconfidence, and when he walked away they kind of realized what they'd let go of.
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