August 5th, 2008

Chris Pine is a FOX.

HAY guys

just realized.

Ljay is still great.

Will start using it to comment on tv shows and such for the most part once fall season starts.

Speakingofwhich, I just watched all the episodes of Pushing Daisies recently, and Lee Pace is ridiculous. Ly awesome. I am so excited for this show. And for everything Lee Pace does from now on. He may actually be able to rise to the ranks of James McAvoy fame. MAYBE. Speakingofwhichspeakingofwhich, I must seriously get some icons of both of those hunks. Why do I have no James McAvoy icons? That is blasphemy.

Anywho, other shows I am excited for are Chuck, Heroes, House, Eli Stone, Bones, Ugly Betty, The Office and Top Model.

Well, not really Top Model. But kind of.

Also I am planning to look into the shows Fringe, Stylista and Crusoe. We shall see if they are actually legit.

And I may occasionally comment on TDS or TCR. Because Jon and Stephen are gangsters.

As for actual life stuff, you will be lucky if you get any of that out of me any time soon. I am feeling decidedly apathetic lately.

OH but I will probably post some of my cosplay updates and shiz since they are pretty fickin shfeet. You know.

Me, out.
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