August 13th, 2008


much life dealz

First of all, I got my badge for Kumoricon in the mail, and let me just say, badges look soooo much snazzier when the art on them is actually legit. I mean, that black and white astro boy thing on the AX badge this year made the whole thing look pretty cheap.

But with the Kumoricon badge, they used their mascot art and just kind of slapped some white text on it and it looks hella professional. It's also a hard plastic card, so it almost looks like a credit card (it's about the same size).

Anyway, I am actually legitimately getting excited for Kumoricon, despite all of the debating I did on whether to go or not. I just got a pair of new spanx footless tights in the mail today (thx eBay) which will really help with the hipular problem that seems to be apparent when I wear my Kaname Chidori cosplay commissioned from the eBay user fanplusfriend.

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