August 23rd, 2008


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Last night, or rather this morning just before I woke up, I had a dream that I was a hero in the Heroes world.

Everyone thought I was Claire for some reason, and I was really confused, but I just went with it.

Anywayz, this bunch of scientists determined that the Heroes had actually evolved past the human genome, and as such, were no longer humans at all and could be treated like a separate species without the question of morals. (Essentially the philosophy of everyone who doesn't like people with special powers, but this was like this huuuuuge development in the dream).

Sooo, I had this friend, and he was a fish boy or something, and he really liked this golf ball... which I guess had special powers or something... and so I'm walking home with him and his mom, and he's playing with his golf ball, and his mom is like, don't play with that or you'll lose it, (I think his mom was someone famous or a regular Hero or something, I can't remember. Maybe Jessie?) and anyway, so he's playing around with his golf ball, and then it ends up in a street drain, and then I lower Jessie down into the street drain, and she's like, "WTF, this is not how I expected a street drain to look like... it looks like an underground lair!"

AND SUDDENLY this group of evil people shows up and Jessie and her son start fighting them, and I don't really know what to do, so I shneakily go over to this evil lady's side and she's like, "I know you're not capable of doing much harm, you're just invincible, I don't care" and I'm like "Well actually... I just was born without wisdom teeth. That's how I'm evolved." And she looks at me all cynically, like, whatever, you know you're invincible.

This is where it gets blurry and actually merges with Finding Nemo a little... suddenly they show a flash of fish boy swimming away from Bruce from Finding Nemo in this big fish tank and for some reason, Bruce couldn't get to the bottom of the fish tank, so fish boy was safe as long as he stayed down there. Oh, and at some point, there was a large van full of heroes and I couldn't find a place to sit.

And that's about it.

This has been an Ali Dream update.
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Pushing Daisies -- I'm tiwed

I'll be there, someday, if I can be strong...

Oh my goodness I am sooo exhausted.

I think I might actually get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight instead like 5am. WTF.

Unrelatedly, Old Navy had hecka sales today, and I pretty much now have my new trendy fall style all set out for me. Yahtzee.

Also, young clumsy Hercules is way more hot than buff God-like Hercules. It had to be said.
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