August 26th, 2008




tiiiime for my Ouran cosplay picspam! Woot woot! After a great deal of painfully attempting to stretch the arms of the dress out, it is finally pretty bearable to wear, so I figured I'd celebrate the occasion by taking lots of pictures of myself in it. Though. I should mention, the petticoat I'm wearing with it? Pretty uncomfortable. And ridiculously hard to get on. And not very flattering. Buuuut whatever. It's floofy.

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accurate: y/n?

Also, I just saw Hamlet 2. It was actually reeeeeallly good. And not offensive at all. People are just stupidly sensitive about things. Really.

EDIT: OH! I almost forgot! Anyone who knows me in real life knows "I sneeze a lot when I sneeze", right? Well today I was in K-Mart with my mom buying pillows for college and I was sneezing and this guy walks through the end of the aisle, turns to me, points, and goes "STOP!"

And I stopped.

He was like. "Wow. It worked."

And I waas like. "Wow. Yeah. Uh. Thank you."

And well. He was pretty attractive. I saw him a lot randomly the rest of the time I was at K-Mart and I think he was behind us in line at the check-out. I really wanted to say hi or something, or like, "hey, want to stop my sneezes at dinner and a movie some time?" but you know, who does that? I told my mom about it and she was like "yeah, that sort of thing only happens in the movies."

I thought to myself, "I really want something to happen to me that only happens in the movies."

I secretly hope that he's going to SOU next year and that we'll bump into each other again sometime when he stops my sneezes. Ahhhh, youth.

EDIT EDIT: I stopped by Bridgeport today to ask them about my scarf. It was not in the lost and found. Sad!
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