June 3rd, 2009


Woot woot

Last night I bought a really freaking sweet pocket watch off ebay ($10 shipped, yeah boy) for my Gambino cosplay.

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Now if I only had a gun to shoot at it. Hahaha. Nah. It'll probably break on its own.

I'm still waiting on propsmaker Ai no Kaku to email me pics of the G bracelets, buckle and pin I commissioned from her. Granted, she has been ill so I'm not really holding much against her, and she says she's really proud of the work she's done, and from what I've seen she does pretty good work, so I'm optimistic.

In other news, I finally found audition information for Antigone at Willamette!

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I'm currently thinking something of Jocasta's from Oedipus as I want to get the role of Ismene and both those characters plead for peace and inevitably fall. I'm not sure though. Jocasta is obviously more mature... I'm also going to look at some things from Medea and Aeschylus's stuff as I have those in my anthology of drama.

As for the song, maybe "One Day I'll Fly Away" (a capella)? I do love that song, and I can sing it pretty dang well. It also got me into Anything Goes my freshman year of high school. Sooo. We'll see. Yay for having all summer to work!

Speaking of which, I applied for a job at Subway this summer, which is all well and good, but I haven't heard back from them. I need to contact the acting coach at Willamette and schedule a meeting at some point during the summer to discuss which classes I should take and how to set up my specialized voice-acting formula, but I need to know when I will be free before I can do that...

Here are the classes I'm currently considering taking, though. I wish I could take the first second-year course of Japanese but it's at the same time as my Voice/Acting classes,so I'm considering just taking the society/culture course and then taking the second first-year course in spring term to brush myself back up on the language. The culture class currently shows up as being closed but apparently they add another class if enough people request that class. (or I could be waitlisted). I'll add a little note about this when I submit my prioritized list of classes.

THTR 150-01 (.50) Voice/Movement I MW 09:10a-10:10a
THTR 140-01 (1.0) Acting I MWF 10:20a-11:20a
PHIL 110-03 (1.0) Philosophical Problems MWF 01:50p-02:50p
THTR 110-01 (1.0) Thtr: a Contemp Intro. TTh 09:40a-11:10a
JAPN 201W-01 (1.0) Mod Japanese Society TTh 12:50p-02:20p
MUSC 034X-01 (.25) Dramatic Vocal Arts TTh 02:30p-04:30p
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