July 22nd, 2009

Chris Pine is a FOX.

what a beautiful night..

Layout slightly changed as I love Chris Pine.

Five more eljay entries until I reach the big 1,000. It's exciting in a "wow, that's a lot of entries" sort of way.

In other news, I think Jade (my best kitten friend) might be depressed or something. She forgot to come up for dinner today and she keeps scratching her face up really bad. This morning she was just sitting on the counter in my bathroom waiting for me to get up and give her some attention. I will keep watch on the situation. It might just be that we put a window fan in the room I usually hanging out in and she doesn't like the sound it makes. Hmmm.

I just watched one of the freaking most gorgeous dances on SYTYCD. Yes, the one about breast cancer. Definitely cried. ahhhhhgh.

It was a reasonably temperate day today so I was able to sleep in until like 11:30. Thank goodness.
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